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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 9, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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you know, as americans, we don't look backwards, we look forwards. we don't fear future, we seize it, we shape it. and when it comes to energy, we have a chance to shape that sector that is probably going to have more to do with how well our economy succeeds than just about any other. >> right now at 11:00, the president makes an energy efficiency pitch in the heart of silicon valley, but not everyone was happy to see the president there at that walmart in town. here's our video, just into our newsroom, of president obama leading the bay area. he boarded air force one at
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moffett field, he had to get home to washington in time for mother's day. thanks for joining us at 11:00 a.m. we have team coverage of the president's here. nbc bay area's nannette miranda is live outside of the mountain view walmart, where the protesters greeted the president this morning. yesterday the president, all about the fund-raising this morning. though, the focus on renewable energy. >> good morning to you, peggy. particularly, solar energy. and the venue he chose to announce his new push for a greater reliance on the power of the sun, a walmart in mountain view. president obama wanted that discount retailer as a backdrop, because it had recently installed solar panels, l.e.d. lyinging, and charging stations for electric vehicles. and this morning, the president announced that his administration has convinced walmart, and more than 300 other companies, state and local governments, to pledge to use more solar technology. he also touted three new executive actions to cut carbon emissions. this includes a $2 billion commitment over the next three years to make federal buildings
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more energy efficient. training programs at community colleges nationwide, including sf city college, that will help 50,000 people enter the solar work foreforc workforce, and a push to acquire companies that use less power. the president says these executive actions prove it's possible to create jobs and still fight climate change at the same time. >> so often, when we hear about how we're going to deal with this really serious issue, people say, we can't afford to do it. won't be good for the economy. it will be good for the economy long-term. and if we don't, that will be bad for the economy. rising sea levels, drought, more wildfires, more severe storps, those are bad for the economy. so we can't afford to wait. >> in this morning's 14-minute speech, the president said that climate change is a fact, but that in washington, there are
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still some climate deniers. just earlier this week, the president released a report, detailing how much climate change is hurting the environment. on a side note, peggy, the president reminded everyone that sunday is mother's day, that that is a public service announcement, do not forget. >> he really sort of opened it up with a sort of warm sentiment there, getting the crowd on his side. but he really made the two go hand in hand, energy and also jobs. he tied those two together. >> and he was reiterating the point that the two are not mutually exclusive. that they can work together, there's always been that argument, if you try to push for climate, better environmental, better energy efficiency, you're going to cost jobs. he's making that counterargument. >> saying it's the opposite. thank you so much, bob, appreciate that. of course, not everyone was willing to roll out the red carpet for the president's visit. nannette miranda is live outside of the walmart where the president just spoke. nannette, protesters there didn't have a problem with his message, it's just where he delivered that message that has him upset. tell us about that.
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>> that's right. the president has been trying to raise the minimum wage. and some people think walmart is a poor choice to have this event, pointing out his business model relies on low wages to keep profits high. dozens of walmart employees and their supporters marched near the store where president obama praised the giant retailer for its commitment to improve solar energy. they say the issue isn't about the company tease green record. they want him to talk about the low wakes walmart pays. >> he's ignoring the fact that there are workers that are starving and being mistreated day in and day out. and we wish he was speaking out on those issues. so since that's not the topic of discussion, we're going to paycheck it the topic of discussion. >> the workers say their wages are not enough to live on, so they'll look for help to survive. >> i have to depend on everything, every resource out there. i have to depend on a food pantry, i have to go to government assistance to get my
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utilities paid. and i work at walmart and have been there almost nine years. >> reporter: labor groups joined the protests. >> i am tired of subsidizing walmart for their bad wages that they pay, that i have to -- that their employees work a 40-hour week and still qualify for food stamps. >> almost everyone here at this demonstration says they worked hard to get president obama elected and feel let down. >> it just breaks my heart to know that somebody i voted for two times, that i really thought was bringing about change for the working class today, still ignore us, actually go come in and show walmart appreciation. >> reporter: the white house insists this stop was about renewable energy, not about wages. live in mountain view, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> and nannette, we know that you talked to some people out there earlier who really drove home this point. there's a person who says that she has colleagues that live in their car.
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they work at walmart, butly in their car. >> that's right. we spoke to someone who was a grandmother. and she says working part-time at walmart, she has to live in her car, and sometimes she sleeps at her son's house, but that's really, she says, not a way to live. >> you can understand why those protesters are out there when you consider that. we appreciate it. sthauchl, nannette. stay with us for continuing coverage of the president's visit. mark mathews was there for his energy efficiency speech as well. he'll have a full wrap-up at 5:00 tonight. you can go to our website, for the very latest information. and new at 11:00, the fremont police department has reopened its investigation into a teacher who was accused of slapping an elementary school student in class. this morning, protesters, including the student's father, were outside of paterson elementary. the third grade teacher remains on paid administrative leave, as officers look into the assault accusation. the attorney who represents the family of the 9-year-old boy says the teacher slapped him for incorrectly answering a math question last week.
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police say so far, the teacher has refused to give a statement on the alleged incident. and police in berkeley are looking for a thief who crashed a car into an apple store and stole electronics. a big, black curtain is covering the storefront. just before 3:00 this morning, officers say someone intentionally drove their car into the side of the apple store. when officers got to the scene, they found the car inside the store with broken glass all around it, but no suspect anywhere. several apple products were stolen, but police say they're not saying much about what happened after that. well, police think an oakland man who was arrested in a sunnyvale backyard is a serial burglar. the 18-year-old was spotted by a neighbor in a nearby backyard on tuesday. the neighbor told police he watched him knock on the front door of a home and after nobody answered that door, he went around to the back of the house. that's where police caught up with him there and arrested him. he was reportedly carrying items that had been taken earlier from a different home. and the woman charged in the robbery and murder of a south bay millionaire told a judge
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that she feels very bad about not warning the victim that her brother was about to break into his home. katrina fritz testified yesterday as a key witness against her brother and his friends. according to the mercury news, she said that her brother, deangelo austin, called her and said he was going to rob robby kumra at his home. she said at the time of the home invasion, she had not seen him in over a year. she reportedly gave her brother directions to the home and also drew him a blueprint of the inside of the mansion. fritz says that kumra and his wife were home when austin broke in. kumra was killed during that home invasion. the u.s. has joined the search for nearly 300 girls kidnapped by islamist militants in nigeria nearly four weeks now. bill neely reports are from outside the nigerian embassy in london, where protesters called for the girls to be released. >> reporter: yes, hello. the global clamor to free these girls is growing. these protests outside nigeria's
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embassy in london. hollywood, too, is joining in and american military assistance is on the ground. but from the girls themselves, nothing. not a word. tears for their lost daughters, pain etched on their faces. help, though, is now coming from around the world. our interagency team is hitting the ground in nigeria now to do everything that we possibly can to return these girls to their families and their communities. >> bring back our girls! >> reporter: across america, a growing campaign to help free the girl. u.n. envoy, angelina jolie, adding her voice. >> these men thought they can get away from this and they can abuse women in such a way, sell them, rape them, take them as property, because so many people have gotten away with this in the past. >> there's been silence for days from the islamist kidnappers, boko haram. >> i believe the kidnap of these girls will be the beginning of end of terror in nigeria. >> reporter: nigeria's president
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is optimistic, but admits he has no idea where the girls are. >> in u.s., china are helping the nigerians, so far have made no progress in finding the girls in the 25 days since they were kidnapped. that's why protests like this will continue. bill neely, nbc news, london. a man accused of kidnapping two teenage girls is now behind bars, all thanks to facebook. police say over the weekend, nicholas wessel took the teenagers to a hotel in nevada. that's where they say he sexually assaulted one of them. a few days later, they found that one of the teenagers had been talking with wessel on facebook. authorities contacted the social media giant, which gave them an ip address. that led them to the girls. police say that they are runaways and are being held at a juvenile justice center in reno. and more than a dozen cats and dogs recovered from the house of a hoarder are now safe. these animals were found earlier
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this week. the monterrey county spca says there were 14 dogs, four puppies, and two cats all living on piles of trash. the animals were covered with fleas and many had a number of infections going on. spca officers say they will submit the case to the district attorney for possible charges. the house, as they found it, now is uninhabitable. well, still to come this morning, can we expect more honking horns and shaking fists on the golden gate bridge? we're going to tell you about this traffic change that could really get you turned around, send you over to marin when you don't mean to go there. plus, this mother's day just around the corner, we'll tell you why more women are waiting to start families and why that's a good and a bad thing. well, we are definitely going to have some hot mamas like you, peggy, as we get into this weekend. temperatures are going to crank. but we'll see a couple nice days between now and then. a few clouds lingering in the south bay. meanwhile, take a look at all the foot traffic on the golden gate bridge. temperatures are going to soar. we've got a big-time heat wave headed your way.
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we'll detail that for you when nbc bay area news at 11:00 is back in moments.
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11:14 right now. a bay area car dealership is standing up for marriage equality with a commercial that some believe is the first of its kind. >> i know i told you to meet me at the dealership, but i bought the car. >> the commercial begins with a woman on the phone talking to her spouse. she's in the driveway apologizing about the fact she just went ahead and made the decision to buy the new car. then the camera pans and it's revealed her spouse is actually a woman. the commercial promotes one toyota of oakland. and at least one employee we talked to said it makes her feel pretty proud. >> it's amazing to see all kinds of e-mails and phone calls coming into the dealership. >> the add began airing on may
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1st. a warning this morning from san francisco officials who say if you're not paying attention, new construction near the golden gate bridge might just cost you, now, here's what's going on. as part of the new presidio parkway project, crews have to move the last exit in san francisco before the golden gate bridge, back by about a thousand feet. so that means your last chance to exit before crossing the golden gate bridge comes 1,000 feet sooner than at of drivers are used to. you know what you can happen with that. if you mix the exit, you'll have to cross the bridge and pay that $7 toll to get back into the city. as a spokesperson for the project said the change will be very well marked, but the confusion it could cause might cause some slowing across the bridge. the project is supposed to last for about a month. mother's day, as you may know, is on sunday, but increasingly women are waiting longer and later into their childbearing years to become mothers themselves. it's a delay that can also come with risks, however, but also a tremendous benefit. erika edwards has more. >> thank you for calling, may i
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help you? >> reporter: barb spends her days working at a realty office. every other bit of her time and energy is devoted to her two small children. >> i'm 40 now and it takes a lot out of you, to chase the children. >> reporter: barb is one of a growing number of women who, for whatever reason, start their families at what's called an advanced maternal age, meaning over 35. a new government report finds that since the year 2000, the rate of women having their first babies after 35 has risen 24%. and 35% for women over 40. but as women age, their chances of getting and staying pregnant decline. >> for much older mothers, 40, we start thinking about things like the placenta kind of wears out at the end of the pregnancy. >> reporter: dr. mark bland is an obstetrician in charlotte, north carolina. he sees quite a few of these older moms, who often must undergo additional genetic
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testing. the risk of chromosomal problems increases with the woman's age. but they're also more likely to have involved partners, exercise and eat well, and be well educated about the path to parenthood. >> they're coming into pregnancy in good health, and having planned it. >> reporter: barb would have liked to have babies in her 20s, but she says there are advantages to being a more mature mom. >> looking back, i was not ready. i was a completely different person back then. >> reporter: many older moms are only looking forward as they begin to raise little people of their own. erika edwards, nbc news. >> over 35 makes you an older mom. i guess i'm one of them. some states had bigger jumps in older moms than others. mcdonald's looking to shake things up a little bit. seasoned fries will soon roll out in southern california and st. louis. before you jump up, the fries are only going to be sold in modesto, stockton, and sacramento. there is a catch, you have to season the fries yourself. apparently, they come with a
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special seasoning packet and you pour that into the bag and shake it to cover your fries. mcdonald's introduced this concept in some of its stores in hong kong about ten years ago and apparently it's doing well. snakes on a plane is one thing. how about snakes in an nba locker room? that is what happened to the portland trail blazers before last night's game two against the san antonio spurs. this picture was posted on instagram by moe williams. luckily, no one was hurt. a security guard did trap that snake in a trash can and released it from the locker room. after the scare, though, the blazers lost game two 114-97. game three is on saturday in portland. christina, they don't tell us here, but one of the players said, you know what, he was pretty darned scared. >> yeah, just depends on what you're afraid of. myself, it's people. it's people that scare me, peggy. 63 degrees in oakland right now. 64 in san jose. 55 degrees in half moon bay. and a gorgeous, just absolutely spectacular day shaping up, especially in san francisco.
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but, hey, we're not too shabby here in the south bay. let me show you san jose at this hour. a mix of sun and clouds overhead. over the east bay, just a little haze, but nice, clear sky and then we'll take you into san francisco, where we have a few beautiful cumulus clouds. and that's about it. nice day on the bay. almost glassy out there. really no wind to get that chop up. as we head throughout the day today, these are your temperatures. 64 degrees for san francisco, 70 in the east bay. south bay's at 70 for today. comfortable conditions, especially when you put things into perspective. it is going to get hot around here and we're going to stick with this heat for at least seven days. we're talking about triple digits just around the corner. 70 for san jose, 72 for saturday, as we get into your mother's day, that heat really cranks. but one of the great places you can take mom this year is san francisco. let's talk about some of the free events happening. free for moms and grandmothers on this sunday at the aquarium of the bay. it's so cool, pier 39, 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. if you wanted to take mom there, that's
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a good option. another option where it's free for you and mom and grandmother, 73 degrees out there, a new location, it's really smaup as well. and that's free. 77 degrees, that is the place to be on sunday. or half moon bay. i know you were talking about that, peggy, your permized forecast, temperatures are going to be in the mid-60s, a little bit of sun and clouds and really comfortable conditions for you and your twins. happy mother's day. >> you're so sweet. that's the best part about working with christina, what about here, tell me what it's going to be like. and she follows through. thank you. the nfl draft was a nerve-racking day for a prospect in more ways than one. we'll tell you what happened that, coming up next.
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well, tonight the giants will look to keep the momentum going against the dodgers in los angeles. game one of the series went into extra innings last night. the game tied up at one in the
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top of the tenth when hector sanchez hit a sac fly to deep right field giving the giants a one-run lead. they would tack on another and hold on to beat the dodgers, 3-1. you can catch game two right here on nbc bay area. our coverage tonight starts at 7:00. and the nfl draft continues today. the 49ers have two picks in the second round, the raiders hanging on to one pick left. yesterday, the silver and black selected khalil mack from the university of buffalo. he started all four years for his college, didn't miss a single game due to injuries. nice pick there. and for the second straight year, the 49ers went with its safety for a top pick. the team selected jimmy ward out of northern illinois, 30th overall. the fans at the 49ers draft party in san jose seemed very pleased with that selection. head coach jim harbaugh says ward has a knack for making the right plays. >> i thought the strategy to make our picks when it was our
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time to pick paid off for us. we got a player we valued, taking with it that 30th pick. >> and check out this photo here. ward sporting a 49ers hat. you might think this was a recent picture. it was actually posted on his twitter account 19 days ago. seems like, perhaps, it was a match that was meant to be. well, a nerve-racking day for one of the 32 men picked in the first round of the nfl draft. that would be eric ebron. check out this video tweeted out by the nfl. he dropped to one knee on top of the empire state building in new york for this very romantic proposal to his girlfriend. takes a little time popping the question, so we'll give you the background here. she choked up, paused a little bit, but did finally say yes, but they're athletes at the university of north carolina, and here comes the question. >> that's awesome, eric.
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>> will you marry me? >> yes. >> you will? >> yeah. >> i told you, he takes him time, right? it's his moment. eric was picked number ten in fact draft by the detroit lions. congratulations to that happy couple. still to come, the bar where everybody knows your hairline. we're going to show you what we mean about that coming up after the break.
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11:27 now. you know, bald is beautiful at a new pub in japan. and you even get a discount if you're bald. the pub encourages customers to embrace their loss of hair and not hide it. every customer with thinning hair gets a discount of about five bucks. the rewards get even better, the balder you get. if five bald customers go drinking together, one gets to drink for free. a little bonus there if you're bald. bald is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> thanks for joining us on this friday. the next newscast coming up at 5:00 and you can get the latest information on our website, happy mother's day.
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